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Little deeds of kindness…Help to make earth happy like the heaven above. -Julia A. Fletcher Carney (1824-1908)


Nashuva Needs You, Please Get Involved
If you’d like to volunteer your time and talents to Nashuva please email us at and let us know how you’d like to get involved. We welcome your help on the following Nashuva Teams:

Social Action: Help Nashuva decide how we can heal our city and our world. Help plan our monthly Social Action event.
Setup: 1 hour commitment-arrive at the church by 5:30 and help with setup.
Cleanup: 1 hour commitment-help clean up after the service.
Administrative: Help behind the scenes with emails, phone calls, computer, fliers.
Community Building: Help Nashuva grow in depth, community events, help us to get to know one another.
Outreach and Publicity: Help spread the word about Nashuva.
Children’s Programming: Help program special events and services for children including teens.
Retreat Planning: Help us program an amazing, soulful retreat.
Nashuva’s Birthday Fundraising Concert: Help with planning, publicity and ticket sales.
Fundraising and Grants: Help us raise funds for Nashuva.
Oneg: Help recruit people to sponsor an Oneg (food after services).