Shabbat Service on the Beach

Nashuva Service on the Beach!
Friday Night September 2nd, 2022

Bring a Picnic at 5:30 Service at 6:30
Santa Monica Beach

Please Join us next Friday night 9/2 for Nashuva on the Beach as we prepare our souls for the Holy Days!

We are entering the Hebrew month of Elul, a time of great opening and repair. It will be a very powerful Shabbat!

Do you want to heal something in your life? Be free from habits that are keeping you from living out your higher aspirations? Do you long to repair a relationship? To deepen your love relationships? Next Shabbat we begin the steps to transform our lives and enter a new time of hope.

So invite your friends and join us for a night of soul, beauty, fun for all ages, kids and adults.

We will watch the sunset and our prayers will rise!

Invite all your friends to join you as we take the steps to search our souls and elevate our purpose. 

Are you hoping to deepen the bonds of love in all your relationships? To become more open, more receptive to divine love? Are you longing to learn how to believe in yourself and have faith in God’s love? Learn ways to transform routine into days of inspiration!

Rabbi Levy and the Nashuva Band will be leading us in prayer, wisdom, meditation, song and celebration.

Picnic:5:30 pm – Bring dinner for yourself.
Pack:Beverages, beach blanket, a sweater, a hat.
Service:6:30 pm, when we welcome the Sabbath Bride and watch the sunset together.
Attire:Please wear white for Shabbat
Where:Lifeguard Tower 28, south of parking lot 5S, just south of Ocean Park Blvd
Click here for a link to our location

We look forward to seeing you Friday night September 2nd on the beach.

Please take a moment to invite your friends to join you at Nashuva’s beach service on September 2nd. Let’s all join together to reach out to make Shabbat a sacred night for all!

If it’s your birthday or anniversary in September, come to receive your blessing!

Come to recite Kaddish to honor the memory of a loved one.

Come and picnic before services! 

Come to offer a prayer for a loved one who is in need of healing, or if you are in need of healing of body and soul.

And, Rosh Hashanah is just one month away! We can’t wait to welcome a new year of blessings together with you! This year we will be praying outdoors in God’s sanctuary in meadows and at the beach beneath the heavens. As always, Nashuva requires no tickets, only donations from your heart. Please know that outdoor locations are not less expensive, they are four times MORE costly. So please bless an organization that is blessing your life to the very best of your ability. Click here for details and to register for the Holy Days in person and online

Wishing you and your family summer days filled with health, joy, light, hope and peace. We look forward to seeing you next Shabbat.

Rabbi Naomi Levy and Nashuva