Chanukah in Santa Monica

Saturday Night, December 24th at 6:00 PM

Come join Nashuva for a festive Chanukah celebration with Rabbi Naomi Levy and the Nashuva Band on Saturday night December 24th at 6:00 PM and invite your friends!

Jews on “Chanumas” – there will be music and light and Chanukah gelt and lots of joy! Perfect for all ages! Bring your friends and your family!

The 7th Night of Chanukah (is Xmas Eve) and we will sing along with the Nashuva Band, rejoice, eat chocolate gelt and hot apple cider, a night of light and inspiration for all ages.

We will begin with Havdalah! Bring your own menorah to light along with the giant menorah on the Promenade.

Please arrive by 5:45!

The menorah is located:

between Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd
on the Promenade

Mall Parking structures are free for first 90 minutes!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you on 12/24!