Jamie Papish


Jamie Papish began playing hand percussion in 1995. A student of master drummers Souhail Kaspar and Mehrdad Arabifard, Jamie has immersed himself in the world of Middle Eastern, North African, Central Asian and Eastern European percussion and music. He specializes in drumming styles and rhythms of the Arab World, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Greece and the Balkans. Jamie currently performs with The Yuval Ron Ensemble, MESTO “Multi Ethnic” Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble, DRITA Albanian Folk Ensemble, Shaman’s Dream and his own ensemble called “Eastern Fusion Jam” blending ancient and contemporary sounds using mainly folk instruments. He has a number of recording credits and is sought after for his unique sound, various playing styles and the passion and sensitivity he brings to the music.

What does Nashuva mean to you?
Nashuva is a gathering of people for spiritual growth.

What is it like to be part of Nashuva?
I feel like I’m involved in a spiritual community and giving myself to a spiritual community and bringing joy to them. Naomi is the essence of beautiful spirit. Everything that comes out of her mouth is beautiful and profound. I love her smile, her wisdom, soulfulness, and her spirit. Her sermons really come from her. She is profound. It’s much more than a speech. I feel much more connected to her words.
I grew up going to synagogue and it was extremely dry. I felt uncomfortable in a suit and tie. All I can remember from the experience was stand up, sit down. There was very little meaning in it for me. I didn’t feel connected. If synagogue was like Nashuva I don’t think I would have ever stopped going. Nashuva is laid back. Nashuva is open to anybody Jewish or not Jewish who just wants to get spirituality.

What is the Connection between your Music and your prayer?
For me, my music is a prayer, a meditation and a way to feel connected to the earth, to people, to the future and to the past. I see that the higher power has given me this gift to share. Given to me, it’s not something that I was able to create from nothing, given to me as a gift to be able to share with other people