A Prayer for the Victims of the New Zealand Mosque Massacre

By Rabbi Naomi Levy

Our hearts are breaking, God
Over the innocent souls who came to their mosques
To worship You in peace.
In your eyes, God, all people are equally loved,
Equally precious.
We pray as one people,
Brothers and sisters of all faiths,
We pray for the power to build
A World without hatred.
We pray for the strength
To overcome prejudice and intolerance.
We pray for safety and protection for all.
We pray for healing.
We pray for peace.
Teach us how to rise above our grief and fear
And uproot the spirit of hate
That has poisoned too many souls.
We pray for the dead and we pray for those left behind.
You alone know the pain of every survivor and mourner
Of this horrific slaughter.
Ease their suffering, God
Breathe strength and comfort into their souls.
God, help us join together as One People
To put an end to hatred,
An end to gun violence.
Help us, God, to honor the souls of the dead
By raising our hands
And voices together
In the cause of peace.
Work through us, God.
Turn our helplessness into action.
Teach us to believe that we can
Rise up from this tragedy
And banish the hate
That is tearing our world apart.
Innocent blood calls out to us!
Let our fears give way to hope.
God of the brokenhearted,
God of the living, God of the dead,
Gather the souls of the victims
Into Your eternal shelter.
Let them find peace
In Your presence, God.
Their lives have ended
But their lights
Can never be extinguished.
May they shine on us always
And illuminate our way.