A Prayer for the Children and The Teachers, Victims of the School Shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas

by Rabbi Naomi Levy

Our hearts are breaking, God,
As we mourn
innocent children
and their teachers.
The loss is overwhelming.
Send comfort and strength, God,
to grieving parents,
To siblings, family and friends
in this time of shock and mourning.
Shield them from despair.
Send healing to the schoolchildren who are lost
and frightened
Whose eyes witnessed unfathomable horrors.
Ease their pain, God,
Let their fears give way to hope.
Let their cries give way once more
to laughter.
Bless us, God,
Work through us.
Turn our helplessness into action.
Teach us to believe that we can rise up from this
With a renewed faith
in the goodness of our society.
Shield us from indifference
And from our tendency to forget.
Open our hearts, open our hands.
Innocent blood is calling out to us
to act and pass the laws
that will stop gun violence.
Remind us that we must commit ourselves to
prevent further bloodshed
With all our hearts and souls.
Teach us perseverance and dedication.
Let us rise up as one
in a time of soul-searching and repair
So that all children can go to school
in peace, God,
Let them be safe.
God of the brokenhearted,
God of the living, God of the dead,
Gather the souls of the victims
Into Your eternal shelter.
Let them find peace in Your presence, God.
Their lives have ended
But their lights can never be extinguished.
May they shine on us always
And illuminate our way.