A Prayer for Peace in Israel

A Prayer for Peace in Israel

God, Our hearts are breaking.
Our brothers and sisters in Israel crouch in fear
as sirens pierce the air
and rockets from Gaza rain down from the sky.

We pray that all Israelis, Jews and Arabs,
will live in peace

We pray for the day the riots in the streets of Israel
will give way to sound of children playing.
When hate will be healed
and the sound of sirens will give way to songs of hope.

We are all God’s children
and in God’s light we are all One.
We pray there be no more violence or bloodshed within Israel
and we pray that Israelis and Palestinians will find a path to peace.

Hear our people’s prayers
and hear the prayers of innocent civilians in Gaza
who share our longings for an end to this conflict.

God Watch over Israel,
over all our brothers and sisters who live there.
Spread your shelter of peace over the holy land
and all its inhabitants.
Bring peace, God.
Let it rain down from the heavens like a mighty storm.
Let it wash away all hatred and bloodshed.
Peace, God. Please, God. Amen.