A Prayer for Our Country After This Election

Our nation has chosen a new leader
To guide us forward in this challenging time.
Help us, God, to unite our great country
In the wake of a contentious election.
Teach us to listen to one another,
To heal our divisions and to restore hope.
The days that lie before us will not be easy,
But they are ours to shape.
Let them be days of repair,
Days when we will stem the tide of this horrific pandemic,
Days when we will join together
To build a new future.
For some of us the results of this election are a cause for great celebration,
For others the results are a deep disappointment.
Our charge today must be to rise above conflict,
To rise above our differences,
And welcome in a new time of understanding,
A new time of caring and empathy,
Decency and support.
Bless us God, with ears to hear,
Hearts to love,
And hands to reach across party lines,
So that we can ensure liberty and dignity for all.

Land of opportunity and dreams
We vow to protect our blessed democracy
And to safeguard the freedom that is our birthright.
We pledge our allegiance
To every soul in need
And every child praying for a better tomorrow.
Bless America, God,
With peace, prosperity, and with justice for all, Amen.