20th Birthday Celebration Honorary Committee

On Friday, June 7th Nashuva is celebrating 20 holy years! The mystical meaning of the number 20 is “Divine” and “loving community” – and because of 20 years together at Nashuva, we are both: reaching always for the Divine and a holy loving community.

We are seeking sponsors to join our 20th Birthday Honorary Committee.

We hope you will bless Nashuva’s 20th Birthday by sponsoring our Celebration with the following gift of tzedakah:

· $10,800 (Nashuva Divine Dreamer: Honorary Member of Nashuva’s 20th Birthday Celebration Committee) – Click here to donate

The past 20 years have demonstrated the importance of our Nashuva family. Nashuva has been a light to us! We have been meditating, praying with the Nashuva Band, singing, drumming, celebrating Passover, holidays and Shabbat, lifting each other up. We have been working together to heal our city and our world with acts of kindness. We have taken our prayers outdoors in meadows and on the beach to feel connected to one another and to the presence of God. Temescal Canyon on Yom Kippur is a highlight we will treasure forever. Together we are light and we spread light and healing.

Your support makes it possible for Nashuva to continue to offer our inspiring musical prayer services in person and online, our social action mitzvahs to those in need and our webcasts and livestreams which reach tens of thousands of unafilliated Jews across the globe!

With your generous support Nashuva will continue to touch the lives of thousands and make our continued life’s work possible.

We hope you will support Nashuva on this special night with your gift of Tzedakah for this event.

We can’t wait to celebrate our our 20th birthday together. God bless you!

WHERE:The Historic Woman’s Club
1210 Fourth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
WHEN:Friday, June 7, 2024, 6:30 PM
WHAT:Nashuva’s 20th Birthday! Shabbat service and festive meal following the service with music and dancing!

With Blessings, Gratitude and Love,

Rabbi Naomi Levy and Nashuva