Join Nashuva’s 16th Birthday Celebration Honorary Committee!

Nashuva is turning 16 on Friday night June 12th and we hope you will help us bless an organization that has been a blessing in your life.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have chosen to postpone our Sweet Sixteen Celebration to Next Shabbat, June 12, 2020. 

We hope you will consider being a sponsor and serve on Nashuva’s 16th birthday celebration honorary committee.

The past few months have demonstrated the importance of our Nashuva family now more than ever. We’ve been meditating, praying, singing, celebrating Passover and Shabbat—strengthening our resilience and lifting each other up. Together we have been turning a time of fear into a time of healing and compassion.

Your continued faith over the years has made it possible for us to thrive in these difficult times and to reach this momentous occasion. We are grateful to you and we invite you to be an honorary member of Nashuva’s 16th Birthday Celebration Committee with a gift of Tzedakah as a Dreamer, Pillar or Star: one of the three levels you see below.

We hope you will bless Nashuva’s 16th Birthday by sponsoring our Celebration with the following gift of tzedakah:

· $4,400 (Nashuva Dreamers: Honorary Member of Nashuva’s 16th Birthday                          Celebration Committee) – Click here to donate

· $2,600 (Nashuva Pillars: Honorary Member of Nashuva’s 16th Birthday                                Celebration Committee) – Click here to donate

· $1,800 (Nashuva Stars: Honorary Member of Nashuva’s 16th Birthday                                  Celebration Committee) – Click here to donate

Your support makes it possible for Nashuva to offer our inspiring musical prayer services in person and online, our social action mitzvahs to those in need, and now, our weekly live webcast that reaches tens of thousands of unafilliated Jews across the globe!

We can’t wait to celebrate our Sweet Sixteen years together. Even if we can’t all be in the same place, our hearts, our souls, our prayers and our music will bring great comfort and joy to untold numbers of people who need our uplift right now! God bless you!

WHERE: Facebook Live:
WHEN: Friday, June 12th, 2020, 6:30 PM
WHAT:  Nashuva’s Sweet Sixteen!

With your generous support, Nashuva will continue to touch the lives of thousands and make our continued life’s work possible.

We look forward to celebrating with you on Shabbat June 5th for our 16th Birthday Celebration!

With Blessings, Gratitude and Love,

Rabbi Naomi Levy and Nashuva